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Vivo Life MACA Powder 200g

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Vivo Life unique gelatinised Maca undergoes a natural gelatinisation process to remove the tough starch molecules, which make Maca difficult for the body to absorb. Gelatinised Maca is easier to digest, gentler on the endocrine system, and has over four times the nutrients of raw Maca.

Vivo Life Maca Powder - 200g

Increase your energy, balance your hormones and upgarde your mood with the power of Maca

  • VITALITY - Balance your hormones, boost your mood, and even improve your memory
  • POWER - Rich in B vitamins, iron and zinc, maca naturally boosts energy levels and endurance without the crash of stimulants.

Ingredients: Organic Galatinised Maca

Directions: Add 1 - 2 tsp to your favourite recipes Store in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight, keep sealed to protect potency and freshness