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Velocity-Fuel Breathe

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  • The Endurance Velocity-Fuel Breathe isotonic energy gels deliver 23g of fast absorbing carbohydrates. It also includes Applied Nutrition’s unique Breathe Easy formula, crafted to improve oxygen intake during physical activity
  • The gels are packed into a convenient sized, easy to open sachets
  • Rigorously Tested: Every batch of Velocity-Fuel Isotonic Gels has been tested to a professional standard. Every athlete can be confident in the fact that all ingredients have been meticulously scanned for banned substances under the Informed-Sport programme.
  • Adaptable to you: With three variants coming upto 5 flavours that can be consumed before or during a workout, Velocity-Fuel can be tailored to you. Depending on the intensity and length of your workout, our energy gels deliver the endurance boost needed in any situation.
  • The Endurance range is formulated by experts, trusted by athletes and powered by Applied Nutrition

(Cola) Endurance Velocity Fuel Breathe - Sports Nutrition Energy Gel with Breathe Easy Formula - Pack of 20 x 60g Description

Applied Nutritions range of isotonic gels is formulated to give athletes the edge. These energy gels have been engineered to enable the consumer to achieve maximum endurance. Each isotonic energy gel does this in its own way, allowing the athlete to choose the right method for them. Every sachet of Endurance Velocity-Fuel Breathe delivers 23 grams of carbohydrates into your system. By consuming the energy gels at the correct intervals, you will be able to go faster for longer. Thanks to the smooth and light consistency of gels, they are easy to swallow and are convenient to quickly boost your energy and do not need to be consumed with water to be effective. No preparation is needed, the sachets easily fit in your pockets and are designed to be easy-to-open on the go, just rip open the sachet and give yourself that much-needed boost - simple! The gels support your performance by maximizing carbohydrate utilization, providing your body with what it needs to increase its endurance during or after your exercise (cycle rides, running, swimming, hiking, workout and competition/race times). The sachets can be consumed 1- 3 times every 60 minutes depending on the intensity of your workout. Its important to keep hydrated when using the energy gels. They contain zero fat and zero added sugar. Every batch of energy gels has been meticulously tested for banned substances. Velocity-Fuel is made for athletes, and we know how important it is for an athlete to have confidence in everything they consume. That is why all our products undergo rigorous testing at an ISO 17025 accredited lab. This means all Applied Nutrition products have been tested to a professional athleticism standard. Applied Nutrition is on a mission to become the worlds most trusted sports nutrition brand. We want to perfect the way nutrition is consumed. Through a passionate team of nutrition enthusiasts who have access to state-of-the-art, in-house facilities, we are creating revolutionary new products.