Swanson K-2 30softgels

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  • This K2 supplement was derived from natto, a fermented-soybean product
  • Features the biologically active form of vitamin K-2
  • Encourages optimal calcium uptake throughout the body*

What is Swanson Ultra Natural Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2 may not be a headline grabbing nutrient or antioxidant like vitamins C or A but there can be no doubting its importance to your ongoing health. Traditionally sourced from leafy green vegetable like spinach, it is vital to keeping your body's skeletal infrastructure in good shape, not to mention the role it plays in keeping your heart healthy.

Unfortunately, like so many other vital nutrients, it also suffers from low rates of bioavailability when ingested through natural food sources. It transpires that our bodies just aren't capable of aping the necessary phytochemical absorption rates that other animals display when it comes to getting all the goodness out of vitamin K2.

  • 100% natural - derived from a fermented soybean product called Natto
  • Helps to keep Calcium away from your blood supply and into your bones where it is most needed
  • Encourages optimal uptake of Calcium throughout the body, strengthening the cardiovascular system

That's why Swanson have turned to an age old source in the hope that they might better create a more amenable and body-compliant form of K2. That source is the Soybean. More specifically - Natto, a form of fermented soybean which is rich in a chemical called menaquinone-7.

Scientifically proven to help promote superior cardiovascular and bone strength, menaquinone-7 works by preventing calcium from settling in the arteries instead of reaching the bones where it is needed.

What is Swanson Ultra Natural Vitamin K2 used for?

Because Vitamin K2 is made up of 13 different numbered menaquinones, it made sense to try to understand just which of them actively promote the absorption of this essential nutrient into those organs that need it the most.

Following extensive research completed in the Netherlands, there is now significant evidence that the Natto derived form of menaquinone-7 is the superior solution to optimal absorption.

A 2004 study was commissioned into the effects of proper vitamin K2 consumption by the ‘Journal of Nutrition'. In an attempt to better understand the health benefits of the nutrient, they uncovered some revealing facts.

  • K2 consumption is considered one of the best ways to deter and protect against coronary heart disease
  • Unlike Vitamin K1, it does all this while simultaneously supporting the cardiovascular and skeletal systems.

By coagulating the blood, Swanson Ultra Natural Vitamin K2 actually helps to direct our body's calcium deposits. So much so that without a proper supply of K2, we could effectively be wasting our calcium supplies. A situation which could lead us into a range of deficiencies and diseases such as osteoporosis or coronary heart disease.