Sinister Labs Angry Mills Peanut Spread Caffeinated 340g

Sinister Labs

What makes Sinister Labs' Angry Mills Peanut Spread different to other high protein nut butters?

Sinister Labs Caffeinated and Non-Caffeinated Protein Infused Peanut Spread is a great source of whey protein isolate, essential fats along with a sensibly dosed 40mg hit of caffeine to deliver a unique snack and delicious accompaniment to your diet, that enhances focus and energy throughout the day. Healthy snacking is one of the hardest elements of healthy, performance related nutrition, but Sinister Labs have sorted this with their great tasting and perfectly balanced peanut butter spreads.

With 40mg of caffeine per serving and 400mg per jar, the blend of peanuts, whey, real chocolate will prove an addictive combination for the typical bodybuilder who wants protein and stims in one package.

Delivering a biologically available source of protein, alongside a healthy source of fat and caffeine, Sinister Labs have got your morning, mid-meal, pre-workout and evening snack well and truly covered.

What are the benefits of Sinister Labs' Angry Mills Peanut Spread?

  • 12g protein per serving
  • Natural food with no artificial sweeteners
  • Caffeinated version delivers a shot of 40mg of caffeine
  • Delicious blend of whey isolate and peanuts

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