Sinister Labs Angry Mills Almond Spread Caffeinated 340g

Sinister Labs


This incredible rich, dark chocolate is a perfect blend of whey protein isolate with our specially milled Almonds. We use only the best almonds and highest quality ingredients to make this delicious almond spread. Use this caffeinated spread as an afternoon snack or pick me up any time of the day. Don’t be afraid to take before your workout or intense activity. WE promise you WILL have the best workout ever!

What makes Sinister Labs' Angry Mills Almond Spread different to other high protein nut butters?

Sinister Labs has looked at what other nut butter companies are doing and thought how can they do it better. The result they came up with was adding extra ingredients like caffeine, which has never been seen in a nut butter before. With 40mg of caffeine per serving and 400mg per jar, the blend of almonds, whey, real chocolate will prove an addictive combination for the typical bodybuilder who wants protein and stims in one package.

Delivering a biologically available source of protein, alongside a healthy source of fat and caffeine, Sinister Labs have got your morning, mid-meal, pre-workout and evening snack well and truly covered.

What is in Sinister Labs' Caffeinated Chocolate Almond Spread?

Their Chocolate Chaos Almond Spread combines real chocolate wafers made using cocoa butter, almonds and proteins from whey and rice protein which combine to create a chocolate nut spread that is not too dissimilar to Nutella.

The added 'wow' factor in the caffeinated version is obviously the caffeine with each serving delivering 40mg of caffeine or 400mg per jar. While CSN has never seen caffeine combined with nut butter before, we expect that Sinister Labs may be the first to start a trend here. With the high caffeine content, most gym goers will get a kick from this product but it retains the taste and texture of chocolate nut spread.

 With 12g of protein per 2 tablespoon serving, Chocolate Chaos Almond Spread still delivers the essential requirements for recovery from workouts.

What are the benefits of Sinister Labs' Angry Mills Almond Spread?

  • 12g protein per serving
  • Backed by Flex Lewis the most successful 212 Mr Olympia ever.
  • Caffeinated version delivers a shot of 40mg of caffeine
  • Delicious blend of whey isolate and peanuts
  • Flex Lewis' new hardcore protein food brand
  • Rich, decadent chocolate and smooth texture like Nutella

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