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Performax Labs Vaso Max Pre-Workout Pump Powder 220g

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VasoMax is yet another supplement from Performax Labs that redefines the category it enters, in this case preworkouts designed to elicit maximal increase in muscle pumps and endurance.

We have come to expect new and funky ingredients pretty much every time we come to reviewing one of their products and VasoMax is no different introducing at least two ingredients that most of you reading this will have never come across.

Innovation at its Heart

VasoMax introduces GSNO (S-Nitrosogluthione), a compound derived from the antioxidant glutathione which is involved in the generation of nitric oxide in the body. This is a great start to the product and an ingredient we are sure others will adopt once they try VasoMax.

As if GSNO wasn't enough, VasoMax introduces MaxNox™ and HydroMax™ next, two trademarked ingredients which are respectively a form of potassium nitrate and a lower fat version of glycerol. What they mean is that already, just three ingredients in, and VasoMax covers three different ways by which you can increase pumps with MaxNox™ responsible for almost painful muscle pumps while HydroMax™ increases water storage between your muscles which means you are really going to be surprised when you take this if your only experience with a pump booster is using old standby's like agmatine and arginine.

There are a host of supporting ingredients in VasoMax that include the focus agent huperzine-a which means this is a preworkout that will not only drive ridiculous muscle pumps but also improve your mental game when you train.

All in all, if you are looking for a pump focused preworkout, very few will deliver what HydroMax XT can do for you.