Iron Addicts Midnight Dream 225g

Iron Addicts

There’s a lot of mutha fuckin reasons to not sleep well. Life is hard with bills and family responsibility; workouts can keep us in the gym until late, and just stress alone can be too much to settle down at the end of the night. If this sounds like something you are dealing with, than pick up Midnight Dream and finally get the rest you’ve been needing. 

You can’t make huge mutha fuckin gains in the gym, breaking PR’s every week, if you aren’t getting good sleep. That’s when we grow and the natural growth hormones release. If you aren’t getting a full 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, than you are not performing at your best. Midnight Dream will get you those solid hours of sleep and best yet, it won’t have you waking up still sleepy and out of it until lunch. 

-       Uninterrupted sleep

-       Improved recovery & reduced muscle soreness 

-       No drowsiness upon waking

-       Supports Growth Hormone Release

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