Franky's Bakery Candy Splash Flavour Drops 30ml

Frankys Bakery


Franky's Bakery - Candy Splash Calorie Free Flavour Drops (30ml)

Franky's Bakery Candy Splash Flavour Drops are delicious, calorie-free sweeteners offering an incredible range of old-time flavours, from classic Chocolate and Vanilla, all the way through to Cotton Candy (one of our favourites!!) and Marshmallow!! With just a few drops (this stuff is highly concentrated!) transform your porridge, yogurt, shakes, smoothies, coffee (ANYTHING, really!) into an incredible, guilt-free sweet treat!

Indulge your sweet-tooth whilst staying healthy and avoiding all the unnecessary calories your favourite treats would usually bring with them...with over 40 flavours in the Candy Splash range (we'll be adding more and more over time!) you're SURE to find your favourites here!


 Why Franky's Bakery Candy Splash Drops?

  • Easy & convenient
  • Virtually Calorie-Free
  • Great tasting flavour
  • 0g sugar
  • On-the-go friendly
  • Crazy and fun Franky's Bakery magic
  • 40 flavours and counting!


Ingredients & Nutritional Information:

Serving size: 5 drops

Servings per bottle: About 80

Recommended daily use: 1 Serving(s)

IngredientsWater, Flavouring, Sucralose

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