Dr Zak's High Protein Cookie 60g

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New to the ever expanding Dr Zak range of health and high protein food is their delicious soft baked cookies that not only taste amazing, but have an equally amazing nutritional profile. Packed with 15g of protein in each 60g cookie and with a very low sugar content (one flavour is even sugar free), they will keep hunger at bay in-between meals while feeding your body with the complete protein source it needs to build and repair muscle.

Dr Zak's High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie

Packed with chocolate chips and containing only 3.7g of impact carbs and completely sugar free. 

Dr Zak's High Protein Salted Caramel Cookie

With caramel fudge pieces throughout, the salted caramel cookie packs in a lot of flavour with only 2.4g sugar and 7.2g of impact carbs

Dr Zak's High Protein Triple Chocolate Cookie

Dr Zak's triple chocolate cookie is a chocolate flavoured and packed with white and milk chocolate chips. It has 1.6 sugar and 5g of impact carbs.

Dr Zak's 60g protein cookie comes in at only just over 200 calories. If you're a cookie lover this is one of the best on the market nutritionally.