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Dr Zaks Liquid Egg Whites 970ml


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Dr Zaks High Protein 100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites

Liquid Egg Whites – For high quality protein there are few more pure sources than eggs.  A true favourite, it’s reliable, proven and trusted, however, Dr Zak’s has now put its own stamp on this little protein nugget.

Why buy Dr Zak’s egg whites:

  • Free range egg white.
  • Keeps for up to 6 months ambient from manufacture.
  • Highest quality protein source.
  • A complete amino acid profile.
  • Heavy duty plastic bottle, ideal for mail order.
  • Packed with the whites of over 30 fresh eggs.
  • Made under strict EU guidelines.
  • Convenient way to consume one of the best protein sources.

This latest product in the Dr Zaks range comes in a 970ml bottle, which equates approximately to a whopping 30 egg whites.  No more separating the yolk from the white, hassle and making a mess. Dr Zak’s Free Range Liquid Egg White come in a convenient 970ml bottle.  Amazingly you do not even need to store them in the fridge until opened due to a patent protected pasteurisation process.

Dr Zak’s egg whites contain no preservatives only 100% pure liquid white and nothing else.  Use them for a healthy omelette or a protein shake, Dr Zak’s Liquid Egg Whites are the simple answer to your egg white needs.