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Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme 200g

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HYPE EXTREME by Blackstone Labs is a nootropic infused Nitric Oxide booster

Blackstone Labs is back with a bang. After months and months of research and real world trial and error HYPE EXTREME has been created. 

The original HYPE has been a Blackstone Labs favourite for a long time but we promise you HYPE EXTREME is the perfect follow up to the legend that is HYPE. 

So why is HYPE EXTREME is great?

First they started with replacing HYPE original’s Glycerol monostearate with the trademarked, revolutionary pump agent Hydromax. It consists of 65% glycerol mixed with silica. This makes it 100% water-soluble. No more shaking your bottle into oblivion to remove those chalky chunks floating around. We have also gone ahead and double the dose of glycerol. This is what pulls water into your cells, creating that massive swelling effect. 

Nitrates have been added which have have 100% bioavailability, which means 100% of what enters your body gets used and you lose nothing to digestion. Dietary nitrates (from beetroot) like this can increase plasma NO levels by 138%, as demonstrated by multiple studies done vs. a placebo. The 1.5g we have included in Hype Extreme has 10x more nitrates that beetroot! 

HYPE EXTREME also boasts a huge dose of sodium nitrate. Instead of other substances that have to first convert to arginine before upping NO2, sodium nitrate is a direct source. No other company around gives you a colossal dose of 1.5g of NaNO3. This is similar to nitrates found in beetroot, but nearly 1,000 times the level of concentration. 

The final key to the puzzle was the inclusion of nootropics to the formula. We’re talking increased focus, performance, mental clarity, and heightened awareness.  Rhodiola Rosea is another nootropic that works to reduce fatigue and assist in raising cognitive function as well. To further aid this, and really the standout in this category, is Alpha GPC. Lauded as the Cadillac of choline sources, it converts to acetylcholine at an amazing rate. And to round out our nootropics, we have also added huperzine A, which prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine. This keeps you in the zone longer and enhances the effects as well. Go harder and longer for the best results imaginable.

Supplement Facts: 

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (8 Grams) 

Servings Per Container: 25

Glycerol Powder >65% (as HydroMax) - 2g

Sodium Nitrate - 1.5g

Rhodiola Rosea (3% Salidrosides) - 300mg

Alpha GPC (L-alpha-glyerylphosphorylcholine) - 250mg

Huperzine A (Huperzia Serrata) (moss) - 300mcg