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Blackstone Labs HYPE 150g

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HYPE The all day pump solution

Hype is by far the best non stimulant Nitric Oxide Booster on the market

Over the years we are sure many of you have tried just about every products that claims to the next best thing in some form of ‘cell swelling activity’ that lasts all day however, you get back form that intense workout and your pump is no where to seen.

So how is HYPE different?

HYPE is full of the ingredients that no one else puts into a pre workout or not enough of the ingredients into a pre workout because it would just be too expensive making the company have no margin and customers such as yourself be rather upset with the hefty price tag. So with HYPE, Blackstone Labs decided they were just going to bring out the best Nitric Oxide product on the market and its main and only goals is maximum vasodilation for insane pumps.

You can take this every day. You can take it Pre Workout on it’s own or mixed with another Pre Workout such as Angel Dust. You can take it during your workout and even on non workout days at all to help recovery and keep you looking vascular and dense throughout the day.

Serving Size: 5 Grams (1 Scoop) Mixed with 200ml

Servings Per Container: 30


Hype Proproetary Blend: 4,200mg


Glycerol Monostearate, Citruline Malate, Agmatine Sulfate, L-Noraline, Icariin (Horny Goat Weed 20%)