Blackstone Labs Formula 19 1032g

Blackstone Labs


Formula 19 by Blackstone Labs is the ultimate post workout product that has been developed through science and real world results since in the 90s. 

Formula 19 has been formulated by PJ Braun (The President of Blackstone Labs). PJ has dedicated his body to science for years, data collecting and trying every possible concoction ever made and self made to make the most of the 60 minutes anabolic window where your body becomes a nutritional black hole. Whilst training hard your body uses up all of it's glycogen and stored nutrients which leaves your body craving for nutrient rich recovery. 

After 19 years of trial and error PJ found a formula that kept his pumps for hours and rapidly accelerated his recovery, as well as greatly reducing muscle soreness. That ultimate post workout concoction could have been kept secret after 19 years of hard work and research but PJ has now simply, given you Formula 19.

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