BioTech USA Vitamin C1000

BioTech USA

Biotech Vitamin C 1000 fortifies your immune defense with a synergistic combination of Vitamin C and Rose Hips. Both of these nutrients strengthen your body's immune response against pathogens, viruses and bacteria that can get you sick and weak.

Get yourself deficient on Vitamin C and you can expect a variety of health issues such as dry hair, slow healing of wounds and a decreased ability to ward of infections.

Each easy-to-swallow tablet provides your body with 1000mg Vitamin C and 50mg Rose Hips that can give you these benefits:

  • stronger immune health
  • relief from stress and fatigue
  • improved skin health and texture

All the health-boosting benefits of Vitamin C and Rose Hips are now at your disposal. All you need is Biotech Vitamin C 1000!

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