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Anabolic Designs TauroTest V2 63ct

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When designing a new elite testosterone product we decided that a very early stage Growth hormone anti-aging/pro-recovery formula would work well together with it. So our labs sourced some of the latest and most bleeding edge compounds (often extracts of far higher quality than ANYBODY else has considered using) and combined them with some well known but super-charged extracts into a unique formula planned for our bigger/heavier male bodybuilding contacts. These are guys who are either all natural after previous 'gear' use, or currently on breaks between 'the heavy stuff' - so we know they would be able to offer sensible and accurate feedback on whether it was working or not.

To be frank, the results were pretty staggering. Let's spell it out up front though - this is an all natural formula - is it going to replace grams of injectable testosterone? No - of course not. Any company making claims like that is aiming solely at your wallet and shouldn't be trusted. But we were getting reports that even the younger guys were getting clinically significant hormone profile changes in short periods of time and anecdotally reporting a marked increase in libido, energy, focus, recovery improvements, pump, muscle hardness AND genuine muscle size gains SIMULTANEOUSLY losing appreciable body fat - even in a short period of time. 

We are very proud of our range of supplements. We don't skimp out on the quality of products, even though they cost us more and we don't just follow what everyone else does - we look for unique compounds in the literature and follow up leads. Yes this does mean we don't make as much profit as many other companies - but when you meet and interact with us, you know that we're not guys and girls in suits and ties talking about the profit margins, we're in the gym, working hard, wanting supplements that we, our friends and our associates are proud and safe to choose. Sure we make a living out of it - but we don't want to be a big company pumping out lines of the same old crap in new bottles. 

One of our finest supplements is Tauro-Test. It was one of our earliest designs and our CEO Joe Binley was actually told by others in the industry to release it as several different products as it was 'just too complex' and was 'cutting into your diversity and market appeal'. Yeah, well, you can probably imagine what Joe said to that (since he is a straight talker!) That's why Tauro-Test is one of the most comprehensive products in it's class and continues to be our best seller. It flat out works. The story is the same with it's new big brother.

Welcome to TauroTest V2.

After the success of our small scale ALPHA test, we decided to make a new batch of the then Product NR137. We basically closed out several raw material suppliers in different parts of the world to get the finest organic research herbal extracts (these are the quality that are used for pharmaceuticals and research assays - not the dried, scam bulk powders that unfortunately get passed off in many products out there). We decided to open up the BETA programme to herdmembers and so now, for the first time, you can be part of the development process for our cutting edge products.

We're still not sure if TauroTest V2 will ever go into full production - the cost is extravagant and it's not exactly a money-maker, but a lot will depend on YOU. 

What you tell us will help us decide to bite the bullet or not and launch it full scale. For now there is a VERY limited batch (far less than our normal product runs) and supply is limited. Once this batch is sold out we will not be releasing another - so if you want to be part of this very special opportunity sign up to the programme now and purchase your TauroTest V2 (as long as you are an official Herdmember of course).


Is it safe to use a BETA product?

Absolutely. There is no illicit or untested ingredients in this formula. It is produced using research grade extracts and compounds of a quality far higher than any in regular supplement products. It is produced at our lab facility with full GMP certification. What the BETA level indicates is it is not yet launched for full use and we haven't got large scale feedback on it yet. We are looking for people to offer feedback on it's use/success/failure.

Is this a replacement for the original Tauro-Test?

TauroTest V2 is not a replacement for the original TauroTest formula - they can be used in conjunction if you want, however we'd ask that you note this in any feedbackso we can assess your results accordingly. The original TauroTest is suitable for longer term cycles and supports natural hormone levels very successfully. The new product is designed for much shorter, intense cycles (3 weeks on, 1 week off) and should offer more of an impact in these types of protocols. 

Who will benefit from a cycle?

More and more studies are showing just how important testosterone is to both men and women, how much better we feel and perform with more of this potent sex hormone and how our lifestyles and environments are creating an onslaught against this precious hormone.

Even men and women in their 20s and 30s are suffering the effects of low testosterone values which includes abdominal fat gain, higher water retention, severe loss of libido, depression, lethargy, weaker bones and social anxiety.

Tauro V2 is specifically designed to support anyone who is looking to maximize their natural testosterone production and conversion whilst also fighting against the toxins and stress hormones that inhibit your T. Men and women over 18 may benefit, especially those involved in high stress activities or with demanding fitness regimes.

WOMEN AND T: There is a myth that Testosterone is the 'male' hormone and estrogen is the 'female' hormone. You might be amazed to know that a healthy woman has 5 times the amount of testosterone versus estrogen and that reductions in testosterone account for many of the ailments that face women today. Statistics show that more than 40% of US women of all ages suffer from Hypoactive Sexual Disorder - the sudden onset absence of sex drive - and the only method found to alleviate this? Increased testosterone supplementation or medication. Research has also shown that sudden weight gain from bodyfat index or fluid retention is linked with depressed testosterone levels. As is social anxiety and general depressive mood disorders.

While the testosterone levels of women are lower than that of males of equivalent age, it is not that women must avoid testosterone produced naturally. If you want to have a lean body, strong bones, healthy muscle tissue, a better mood, more confidence and a higher sex drive - maximizing your natural T levels will help in all these areas. The dosage for female athletes is lower than male athletes as the contrasting ratio is different, however we have worked carefully with experts in the field of sports and anti-ageing endocrinology to assess the best dosage for men and women of any age. Using during a cutting cycle may also be highly effective. This is one of the areas we'd like more feedback on. Originally this was intended more for power/muscle athletes - however leaner, explosive athletes or those who've reached a natural plateau would give us great levels of feedback on general hormone modification.

What's the Vege-caps logo for?

We're fully committed to reducing our reliance on gelatin produced capsules, so this product has been made suitable for a number of athletes who asked for vegetarian friendly options for moral or religious reasons. If you like this please mention in your feedback as we will hopefully make this a standard feature across our range.

How do I use TauroTest V2?

Cycles are best followed in 3 week on 1 week fully off. The cycle can then be repeated, though unlike the original TauroTest formula we don't currently recommend using this very long term as the sheer level of hormone modification is best kept under control. Save it for periods of extreme bulking/dieting/pre-competition to see maximum impact when it's needed. Our current dose scheme suggests that 3 capsules per day is about right for the average user (again feedback from larger or smaller users may help us fine-tune this). Take the capsules with water, preferably AFTER meals (about 15 minutes to half an hour is common in our early trials). Take the doses spread evenly throughout the day to maintain the highest 'pulsed' anabolic levels. Our early trials indicate the formula is best not combined with stimulants - for this reason we do recommend you either cut out all stimulants entirely, or, if you will struggle with this, limit them to different times of day. Because of the increased protein synthesis we recommend increasing your daily protein intake, even if you are already eating high levels. 

Will there be side-effects?

We have found TauroTest V2 to be very well tolerated. As it does not contain any of the chemical substrates that often cause digestive trouble you should find TauroTest V2 is handled very well. Obviously whenever you modify hormone output you can expect some side-effects - this are not always unwelcome of course - increased erection frequency and duration are a clear sign of increased androgen levels. As can be some increased skin oils/hair oil. You may experience increased body and face hair growth (dependent on your genetics of course) aggression, confidence, changes in appetite, changes in sleep duration and dreaming quality. Obviously if you experience any negative side effects or changes you are not prepared for discontinue use immediately and contact us with your feedback. 

Do you just want positive feedback?

No - clearly we are releasing this formula as we think it works and our early trials show staggering results, but scientifically opening it up to a wider sample size will help us refine it. But we know that herdmembers sign up because they are smart and dedicated and care about having supplements that do what they say - so if TauroTest V2 doesn't work for you, doesn't work as well as another product or doesn't agree with you - please tell us. We don't want to limit our BETA responses. The more we learn, the better our products will be.

Can I get more if I really like it?

It's probably unlikely with this batch. There isn't much. If you do want a few cycles you will have to purchase them up front. We'd prefer our Herdmembers not to go selling these on as it dilutes the BETA process. This formula is exclusive to Herdmembers and through ProjectAD.me - it will not be in stores or any other internet site. If you do come across any, it will NOT be genuine - and we urge you to report it to us. Fakes don't help anybody and we know exactly how many were produced and there isn't enough high quality material to make any more until our herbal suppliers have replenished the research grade raws. 

Yes, if feedback is good enough and cost is manageable, we may release this as part of our Elite range in future, but for now, this is a one-off exclusive.

How do I help with the BETA programme?

You can send us your results in detail, or just give us a few highlights and your honest opinion. You can contact us by email, tweet us, catch us on facebook or just let any of our representatives know at the best gyms and expos throughout the world. 

So join up. Push the envelope. Be the best. Unleash TauroTest V2 now.