AD Shredabull Untamed 50 Caps

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AD Shredabull Untamed - 50 Caps

  • 24 hour rapid fat loss
  • Increased energy levels and mental focus
  • Helps to maintain lean muscle

Why choose Project AD's ShredaBull Untamed?

Project AD's ShredaBull Untamed combines a number of key ingredients to support effective fat loss, which not only attacks fat from a number of different pathways but supports mental and physical performance both in and out of the gym.

What are the benefits of Project AD's ShredaBull Untamed?

Project AD understands what it takes to lose fat;

  • 1) High energy levels
  • 2) Fat burning ingredients
  • 3) Active metabolism

ShredaBull is an advanced ‘six matrix’ fat loss blend that work synergistically to help support fat loss.

What are the key features of ShredaBull Untamed?

  • Supports physical and mental focus
  • Help maintain lean muscle when dieting
  • Multi-pathway fat loss system

Shredabull Untamed works 24 hours per day to ensure you’re constantly mobilising these stubborn fat cells whilst seamlessly preserving your energy levels and performance.