7Nutrition Potassium Citrate 120Caps

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7Nutrition Potassium Citrate is a food supplement which is highly digestible source of potassium - essential mineral in all organisms. Symptoms of potassium deficiency include muscle cramps, hypertension, irritability, chronic fatigue and swelling of the lower and upper limbs.

Potassium citrate - the main component of 7Nutrition Potassium Citrate - is a natural and pure compound, which guarantees a much better absorption of mineral ions than the inorganic forms which decompose under the influence of stomach acids.

7Nutrition Potassium Citrate is particularly recommended to people who care about the correct blood pressure, the heart and the nervous and muscular systems. Additionally, it is useful for people who consume large amounts of salt, living under stress or they are exposed to enormous physical and mental effort.

7Nutrition Potassium Citrate is a dietary supplement in capsules, designed for both professional athletes and amateurs.

Recommended usage: 1 capsule daily after meal

compound In one portion
Potassium Citrate 750 mg
in which Potassium 250 mg