7Nutrition Melatonin 5mg 60caps

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7 Nutrition Melatonin an organic chemical compound, a tryptophan derivative that plays the role of 'sleep hormone' in the human body.

The supplement contains 5 mg Melatonin in one capsule. Melatonin It is produced in the pineal gland, and more specifically in special cells called pinealocytes. Melatonin is somewhat related to another important neurohormone - serotonin. Through several chemical reactions, serotonin changes to melatonin when the need arises (and the conditions are right).

A deficiency of melatonin in the human body often causes malfunctions during the day. People suffering from sleep disorders may observe increased distraction, become irritable and nervous. Melatonin dietary supplement is recommended to fight insomnia, sleep disorders and for use during shift work.

Melatonin allows you to reduce the time of falling asleep and increase the time of sleep allowing for full regeneration of the body. Thanks to its application you can easily determine the time of falling asleep. It is also perfect when you need to go to sleep at unusual hours, or when 'hours are shifted' in the case of the Jet Lag phenomenon. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant, reduces oxidative stress and thus prevents cell death. This is extremely important for the Central Nervous System, where it occurs in the largest quantities. Prevents damage to neurons, stops neurodegenerative diseases. Melatonin does not have any side effects. The supplement can be used even for a very long time, but the duration of therapy should be consulted with a specialist.


1 capsule, preferably 30 minutes before bedtime.