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Introducing powered by SN-UK designed for those dedicated, consistant, focused athletes who spend alot of time but also money investing in themselves improving their ability or bodys with the aim of improving or bettering themselves in competition - whether its mens physique, bodybuilding, womens fitness, mma or team sports such as rugby and football we have created a program that will allow you to apply for a powered by SN-UK account which enables those serious competitive athletes:

  • Discounted pricing on the most exclusive brands in the industry
  • Free merchandise package including t-shirts, vests, hoodies and more
  • Free samples of products and accessories
  • New brands before anyone else - get the jump on new products before the official release

We will support you with your goals giving you unrivalled discount and other perks better then those who claim to be 'sponsored' by huge leading brands allowing you to have the advantage they do without the negativity of being tied into only having 1 brand to use / promote and purchase.

Simply register on our website and then fill in the form below and in the comment box please provide as much information on things such as:

  • Type of sport you compete inDedicated Athletes Only
  • Competition(s) you are entering or competiting in this year
  • Previous competition history or sporting history
  • Current supplements and websites you purchase from
  • Why you need to be powered by SN-UK 

if approved we will e-mail informing you of the account being active, you can then login to see your new discount price tiers, upon your first order we will ship a welcome package which will include merchandise, samples and accessories from SN-UK.

Contact us via our Contact Form to apply.