Vivo Life MATCHA Powder 200g

Vivo Life

With 10x the antioxidant power of 'regular' green tea, Vivo Life organic matcha powder is the perfect way to supercharge your diet in seconds. Matcha contains L-Theanine to boost brain power and improve concentration, ECGC to promote healthy glowing skin, and natural metabolism boosting compounds to kick start fat loss.

Vivo Life Matcha Powder - 200g

Quickly and easily supercharge your favourite drink, smoothie, or recipe into an energy boosting nutritional powerhouse. 

  • ENERGISE - Revitalise your body with sustained, long lasting energy
  • INVIGORATE - Boost your metabolism and sharpen your mind
  • DETOX - Fight back against free radicals and glow with incredible health

Ingredients: Organic A Grade Matcha Powder

Directions: Add 1g (1/4tsp) to your favourite recipes to supercharge your energy and focus!

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