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Pulsar Nutrition Test Supreme 180tab

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Test Supreme Extreme Testosterone Boost Tablets contain a synergistic combination of 4 massively popular Testosterone boosting active ingredients. Each tablet delivers a huge 500mg dose of powerful, research proven compounds. That’s 3,000mg per serving! There is simply no competition, no comparable product delivers on this scale!

Take Extreme Testosterone Boost Tablets to ensure potent, active doses of:
• Horny Goat Weed
• D-Aspartic Acid
• Tribulus Terrestris
• Fenugreek


Contributes to the maintenance of normal T-Levels
Contributes to normal fertility and reproduction
Can increase sexual function
Can make you feel and look stronger
Potently dosed formula
Synergistic effect of ingredients
Research proven ingredients
These 4 ingredients, loved by gym-heads and trusted by bodybuilders and MMA fighters worldwide combine to deliver the QUAD Power in this unique formulation.

SUGGESTED USE: Take a six tablet serving each day.

For optimum results use a ‘Split Dosing Strategy’. Take 3 Tablets when you wake up (30 mins before food ) and another 3 Tablets later in the day before another meal (not at night).

RECOMMENDED CYCLE: 4-6 weeks use followed by 2 week off to maximise effects and prevent you becoming acclimatised.

Each pot contains a one month supply (180 Tablets)

Stack With Shred Supreme Extreme Fat Burning Tablets for insane results.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free