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Pulsar Nutrition Shred Supreme 60tabs

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HIGH STRENGTH FAT BURNER TABLETS are designed to deliver powerful thermogenic weight loss effects and supercharge both physical energy levels and mental focus.

The tried and trusted ingredients in this advanced formula work synergistically to boost your metabolic rate and suppress hunger pangs. Additionally, you will find that your drive to exercise and push yourself physically will be greatly enhanced.

These powerful tablets should be used with caution as some may be unprepared for the potency of their effects. However, for those serious about optimising body composition, they can form an essential part of your weight loss / shredding program.

Shred Supreme tablets are suitable for both men and women.

To support weight-loss: Take 1 or 2 tablets per day (4-6 hours apart, not near bedtime)

Energy / Pre-Workout: Take 1 tablet on an empty stomach 45 minutes prior to exercise

Each tub contains a two month supply at a regular dosage or one month if taking a higher dose.